JHU NewsLetter

“The Johns Hopkins News-Letter” (sometimes referred to affectionately as “The John Hopkin New Letter”…seriously please don’t do it) is a student newspaper at JHU. It is first published in 1896 and is one of the nation’s oldest college newspapers of its kind.

JHUNL wanted a new website and new design. Then Editors-in-Chief Samhita Ilango and Melanie Levine wanted me to redesign/rewrite the website within a relatively short period of time, so I turned to the good old LAMP stack and Wordpress. Perhaps not the most technically sophisticated project that I have worked on, but the website was up and running in no time.

One pleasant surprise of the project was the legacy left: if you visit https://www.jhunewsletter.com/ today, it is still the same website that I built with essentially the same design. :D