This was a project performed at the Kennedy Krieger Institute at JHU with Ben Dirlikov, Prof. Stewart Mostofsky, Prof. Amy Bastian and one of my faculty advisors Prof. Laurent Younes.

It is known that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder often suffer from dysgraphia. We wanted to develop an automated approach for handwriting assessment in these children, which would facilitate research projects further down. So I wrote an iOS app for iPad to collect handwriting data from these children, where the time and pixel coordinates are uploaded in real time to Parse (Firebase wasn’t a thing back then…and Parse wasn’t acquired by Facebook yet). Subsequent morphometrical analysis using algorithms like LDDMM could then provide scoring/assessment.

The results of this project were presented in a poster at the 2015 International Meeting For Autism Research (IMFAR). You can find the poster here.