Selected Publications

Pediatric Brainstem Gliomas: A Retrospective Study of 180 Patients from the SEER Database

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Axon Dynamics during Neocortical Laminar Innervation

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Determining Bruise Etiology in Muscle Tissue Using Finite Element Analysis

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Deep Learning

Facial Recognition through Deep Learning


Studying Autism Spectrum Disorder through Handwriting Morphometry

JHU NewsLetter

Built Website for One of the Oldest College Student Newspapers in the Nation


Non-mydriatic Fundus Imaging Device for Early Detection of Glaucoma.

PKPD and Cancer

Optimizing Dosing Regimen for Chemotherapy: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics.


An iOS App that trains auditory-skills for the hard-of-hearing.


I have taught several graduate and undergraduate classes at various universities as a Teaching Assistant.

  • Duke Global Health Institute: Teaching Assistant for Sumedha Ariely
  • Duke STA 101: Data Analysis and Statistical Inference (Head Teaching Assistant)
  • Duke STA 230: Probability (Teaching Assistant)
  • Chicago PPHA 30550: Introduction to Programming for Public Policy (Head Teaching Assistant)
  • Yale BENG 249: Introduction to Biomedical Computation (Teaching Fellow)
  • Hopkins 020.670: Emerging Strategies in Biomedical Research (Teaching Assistant)
  • Hopkins 560.348: Probability and Statistics for Engineers (Teaching Assistant)
  • Hopkins 580.111: Biomedical Modeling and Design (Teaching Assistant/Lab Manager)

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